What's in an investment planet?

Updated 10 months ago ​by Mikael Roos

Your investment planet is a mix of investments uniquely combined  for you

Your investment planet is created and updated based on your personal financial life. At Selma everyone gets a different planet, because we all come from the different walks of life.

Each investment planet has hand picked investment productssuch as ETFs. In general, you would invest in all kind of exciting things, from all over the world. These categories (also known as asset classes) are, for example: 

  • Stocks 
    Shares in companies

  • Corporate and government bonds 
    Lending money to companies and countries

  • Real estate 
    Ownership in houses, apartments, offices and shopping centres

  • Private equity
    Ownership in companies that are not listed on the stock exchange

  • Currencies
    Cash in Swiss francs, Euro and US-Dollar

  • Commodities
    Metals such as gold and silver and other commodities such as oil

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