How does Selma know what's right for me?

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In short – Selma focuses on what's good for you, at all times. 
  1. Selma takes a look at your personal life situation

    This includes your age, your income, your debt, how much you can save, if you own a house or a car and so forth. In addition, Selma calculates your wealth potential over next years and analyses how comfortable you are in taking risks.
  2. Based on Selma’s unique process, Selma combines your investor profile – a sort of "balance sheet" of your finances.  This balance sheet shows how your financial life is currently structured.
  3. Based on your unique balance sheet, Selma cherrypicks and shows you how your ideal investment should look like. On a broad level, this means how much of your investments should

    1) focus on growth (for example stocks and corporate bonds) and
    2) how much should be invested in a more stable way to keep the overall risk low (for example government bonds). 
  1. Beyond all this, Selma makes sure your investment portfolio always includes the best and most efficient products and that they fit your tax situation.
Selma ensures that you don’t spend money on expensive management fees, transaction costs or hidden kickbacks. 😊

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