What does Selma cost?

Updated 1 year ago by Patrik Schaer

👉  Check your fee and find all the details about Selma's costs on our pricing page.

Selma charges a transparent fee of 0.68% per year, which makes it one of the cheapest providers in Switzerland. 

The monthly fee is directly deducted form your account monthly. Following things are included in the fee: 

  • Ongoing monitoring and adjustments of investments 
  • Investment account fees 
  • Transaction fees (rebalancing, withdrawals and additional investments) 
  • Saving monthly 
  • Stamp Duty 
  • Tax reporting (Switzerland)

+ Additionally, the investment products (mainly ETF's) have their own costs of about 0.22% in average. 

Selma has a 100%-No-Kickback-Policy, meaning we are always acting in your best interest. 

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