How Selma works, 1-2-3-4

Updated 2 months ago by Valeria Gasik

Selma helps you invest your money in a way that fits your financial life, goals and risk level, while keeping your costs of investing as low as possible.
  1. Try for free. Chat with Selma and get your unique investment planet

    Selma, our witty artificial investment assistant, will craft your perfect mix of investments based on your life and finances. Check out how Selma makes sure your investments fit you and how Selma selects investment products.
  2. Open your Selma investment account

    Once your planet is set up, you can open your Selma investment account. You will get a new investment bank account, provided by our custodian bank - Saxo Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. This requires some documents to be signed by you. 
  3. Add money to start investing

    As soon as you get your new investment account’s IBAN number, you can transfer the amount you want to invest. Before Selma starts investing your money for you, we will go through your investments and see if your planet needs any tweaking – to make sure it fully matches your life and risk level. By the way, you can adjust how much you want to invest at any point in time.
  4. Selma trades and manages your investments

    This is where Selma really starts working for you. Selma constantly analyses, buys and sells your investments and makes sure you are not taking too much risk. Read more.
Once you invest, your investment planet remains suitable for your life.  All you need to to do is keep Selma up-to-date about changes in your life. As easy as that.  

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