Investment preference: Sustainability

Updated 8 months ago by Valeria Gasik

The investment preference is like a filter that you can turn on and off. Your choice tells Selma which investments to leave out, avoid or to add to your investment mix. You can fine-tune these preferences with a virtual Selma account, before investing. Tweaking investment preferences will reset your investment planet's tracking.

Change sustainability preference

At the moment, Selma offers one investment preference – Sustainability. To turn sustainable investing on or off:

  1. Log in to your virtual Selma web app account
  2. Navigate to "Blueprint"
  3. Scroll down to "Investment preferences" banner
  4. ...and turn the sustainable investing "on" (or back "off") 👍

The products in your investment strategy (your Blueprint) are updated automatically, and ready for your investment with Selma.

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